Impact Athletics Fundraising

We offer multiple fundraisers throughout the year that can help towards your tuition. Anyone who is currently a part of our AllStar program and is a member Impact Athletics is eligible to participate in fundraising. Here is some information that will help you understand they types of fundraising we do and our fundraising process.


  • Sponsorships (We provide the letter and the information and you keep 100% of the profit)
  • Steel City Boosters (Join the boosters and train to work concessions for PNC Park, Heinz Field and the University of Pittsburgh and get credit for your account; For AllStars Only)
  • Meat Tickets (5.00 ticket based off the evening lottery and you receive 2.25 for every ticket sold.
  • Sarris Candies (We do holiday and candy bar sales)
  • Popcorn (We currently use Ekernally Yours)
  • Hoagies (We currently use Lampert’s)
  • Soup (We currently use Rockwell)
  • Pies, Cookies, & More (We currently use Barton’s Bakery)
  • Plus many other seasonal fundraisers


Profit varies depending on the sale and in some cases we do not know the actual profit until the sale is concluded because the percentage is based off of the number of sales.

If you have any suggestions on different fundraisers for us to try please email information to [email protected]


  • On our fundraising page on the website: You can always find a link to our sponsorship letter and information about joining the Steel City Boosters. We will also post other upcoming fundraisers as well.
  • On Facebook: ask to join Impact Athletics Fundraising (This is where you will find the most up-to-date information on fundraising. Every Monday in the group under announcements we post weekly reminders of things that are due or are being delivered that week)
  • In our Lobby (Current fundraisers can be found on the bulletin board in the lobby, on the TV, & at the front desk.


Procedures for all fundraisers:

  1.  One check (from athlete’s family) made out to HotCheer (This will become Impact Athletics once we make the change) or Cash will be accepted. We will not be able to process your order if your payment is not received or if you submit checks from individuals who are not part of the program.
  2.  The payment is to be for the full amount due including profits.  Sellers are not permitted to keep the profits for any fundraiser. Profits may not be transferred to another family and are nonrefundable.
  3. We will apply your profit to your Jack Rabbit account after the conclusion of the sale and all items are distributed on the 12th and 24th of every month. If the 12th or 24th fall on a weekend then credits will be applied on the following Monday. If we are away at a competition the credits will be applied on the first day back. When credits are posted on a day that is different than 12th or 24th it will be posted in the Facebook Group.

If you have any questions about our Fundraising Program please contact Steve at [email protected] or by calling the gym. It is important to remember that Facebook is a great tool to get information out to a large audience but as an individual it is sometimes not practical to see every post and message sent to me through Facebook. I strongly encourage everyone not to use Facebook as a form of communicating with me. Calling or emailing is best to receive a quick response and to ensure that your question or comment is not missed.

Phone: 412.751.3238

Email: [email protected]

Thank you,
Steve & The HotCheer Staff




Due Date:  We accept sponsors all season

Profit:  100%

HC Sponsors 2018/19


Meat Ticket

Available: Currently

Due: July 26, 2018

Profit: $2.25 a ticket

Goes off: July 31, 2018 


Lampert’s Hoagies 

Available: Currently

Due: July 12, 2018

Pick Up: July 26, 2018

Profit: 40%


Ekernally Yours 

Available: Currently

Due: July 17, 2018

Profit: 40%

Pick Up: August 7, 2018


Steel City Boosters

For those who are interested… we have reached out to the Steel City Allstar boosters to request that interested HotCheer members be permitted to participate in their booster program. SCA boosters originated with Steel City Allstars but it includes fundraising to support cheerleading in general. They do have non profit status and therefore are able to participate in concessions such as the Peterson Center at Pitt and PNC park. If you are interested in more information about this opportunity please email…
[email protected]
They will add you to the mailing list and provide information regarding the March training opportunities and scheduling for PNC park. This organization is completely independent of HotCheer. We have reached out to make the contact but we are not affiliated in any official way. To be eligible for concessions you must be 18 years or older and email your name and cell phone number to the above address.